Ready-to-eat meals are naturally available from a partial menu of products. Dinnerly meets its shopper’s needs by offering ready-to-eat meals in-store and online with Dinnerly Discount Codes on its recipes.

Dinnerly meals can be competitively priced because menu options are limited and products are prepared in-store. Shoppers can also take advantage of the Dinnerly Promo Codes on their orders.

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Dinnerly meals reduce the time and energy needed to prepare a meal at home while offering the variety consumers are craving. Shoppers can easily add these prepared foods to their regular order online. With multiple fulfillment options available, customers can elect to have their prepared meals delivered.


Dinnerly offers the earliest available delivery date for your food to be delivered, however, you can choose the day when your food will be delivered. 

To help the customers to keep up to date with when their order is arriving, on the day of the delivery, you will receive SMS messages letting you know when your order will be delivered and a confirmation message that your order has been delivered. Make sure that you double-check your mobile phone number when placing your order. All deliveries can be left in a designated safe place or with a neighbor but if you wish to sign for your delivery yourself, the notification will help you to receive the order yourself.

All the Dinnerly freshly produce meals are delivered in specially designed temperature-controlled boxes that stay chilled for up to 48 hours, so all your food arrives super fresh every time you order.

The Dinnerly fresh products arrive at your destination with:

  • The insulated boxes are made from closed cell non-cross-linked polyethylene keeping the meals fresh for up to 48 hours.
  • The specially designed sheets are pre-cooled before enveloping the order to ensure your meat arrived chilled.
  • All the packaging has been designed to be reused or recycled.

While ordering your meal, you can choose a delivery date, but it is not possible to select a time slot. You will be notified about the orders estimated delivery time by the Dinnerly courier on the day of delivery, at which point you will be able to arrange a suitable time slot with the courier.

Customers can also amend their addresses, via the Dinnerly account using the following two options:

  • Update your default address, or
  • Update the address for one order.

Customers can also change their delivery date for an order that has been placed earlier. You must make the change before Dinnerly begins to process your order.  To change the delivery date of an order, you can do this through the Dinnerly account using Dinnerly promo code from marleyspoonfoodguide.review.

Customers can track their order once it has been processed and you will get an email notification with the details of your courier and full tracking details.  On the day of delivery, you will get another email or SMS notification from the courier about the delivery time with a link to your available options if you are not going to be at your place.